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JNK is not only a fabricator and supplier of countertops, but also a direct exporter of natural stone slabs. in more than 90 colors, we have the largest selection of quartz slabs in China . You will have no problems finding what you are looking for. Having our own stock allows us to work faster, producing countertops with the highest quality. Our inventory is accessible to you at each one of our locations and you can see full slabs, not just tiny samples like in home improvement centers . we cut slab in Deep 1200mm to 1600mm up x Wide 2400 to 2800 mm up x Thickness 12mm / 15mm / 18mm and 20mm ,25mm etc.
Here,various quartz slabs for free choice.Local & imported ,Wide selection,Cut upon request,100% selected products.
The most of professional supplier for stone projects , Professional Supply to EUROPE AND THE U.S.A. Custome-made order are available, we have supplier quartz products to many projects such as hotels , shopping malls,museums,offices and public sites for designers,installers and contractors.
Note: Due to the characteristics of natural materials and your computer screen, the item color above or the picture might not be exactly the same as you see on your screen. All sale prices are while quantities last.

JNK7013 Quartz Slab

JNK7009 Quartz Slab

JNK7008 Quartz Slab

JNK7007 Quartz Slab

JNK7006 Quartz Slab

JNK7005 Quartz Slab

JNK7002 Quartz Slab

JNK7001 Quartz Slab

JNK5991 Quartz Slab

JNK5989 Quartz Slab

JNK5988 Quartz Slab

JNK5983 Quartz Slab

JNK5981 Quartz Slab

JNK5947 Quartz Slab

JNK5942 Quartz Slab

JNK5937 Quartz Slab

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