Job chance

Joining us for success
Position: Inspector, sales, assistant, management
By joining us, you can get:
1) Company operating standard training
2) Working experience in a international import-export company which will benefit you forever
3) Well-paid
4) An active, cooperative and comfortable working environment
5) Good welfare benefits
1) 18 years old up
2) high school or equal education, and college
3) Have a good ability of falling in a fast work pace
4) Good passion of service
5) Good communication ability and team work spirit
Working location: Xiamen
JNK  STONE is a international traing business who has a well known brand. We are engaged in stone products manufacturing, importing and exporting.
You will become staff-star trainer-all star trainer-group leader-probationary assistant-assistant-assistant manager-manager-other high-level positions

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