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JNK STONE ships its products to customers virtually anywhere in the world. Our exclusive logistics technology is an integral part of our WebStore so customers can instantly obtain prices inclusive of shipping costs. Our proprietary logistics software is designed to save you money by calculating the most efficient combination of routing and mode of transportation.

JNK tracks all shipments from supplier to final destination. Our logistics experts monitor your shipment though all stages of delivery and are available to assist you with any inquires while your order is in transit.

Please enter  order number to view tracking information on your orders.

Ground Freight

Freight rates for ground transportation (trucking) are based on freight classification, weight, volume, origin, destination, fuel costs, insurance, and any applicable tolls, duties and tariffs. These rate inputs as well as competitive factors in the transportation industry cause ongoing rate changes among freight carriers. In order to capture the most up-to-date rate data and provide our customers with substantial economies in time and money, BuildDirect has developed the building industry’s most advanced logistics technology.

JNK’s proprietary logistics technology automatically queries rate tables from major North American carriers to obtain the best available rate for your ground shipment. Our logistics software also selects the most effective routing for your delivery schedule to optimize your cost savings. Fully integrated into the Hengquan WebStore, our logistics technology provides our customers with the most competitive delivery costs on all their orders.

Ocean Freight

JNK negotiates substantially lower freight costs due to its worldwide shipping volume. These savings are reflected in our all inclusive purchase price. You may wish to understand the breakdown of the logistics involved.

What’s involved in your product delivery?

From manufacturer pick up and through all delivery stages to the designated destination, we take care of everything for our customers, including insurance on lost or damaged goods in transit. Wherever required, Hengquan covers the following logistics operations:

  • Export Customs Clearance (trucking from factory to vessel),
  • Cargo Storing (if required at the terminal),
  • Container Assignment (attaching a specific container to a steamship line),
  • Customs Clearance (at the port of arrival),
  • Examinations (Cargo inspections are now frequently required.),
  • Demurrage (storage charges incurred for detained containers),
  • Letter of indemnity (in event of discrepancy).

Costs paid by JNK STONE and invoiced to customer:

  • Duties (where charged by governments),
  • Merchandise processing fee (charged by Customs),
  • Brokerage and other charges (administrative fees involved in Customs clearance),
  • In North America, delivery to final destination (any zip code or postal code in United States or Canada).
Do the quotations you receive from other companies include all this? For the most comprehensive service and lowest prices, choose JNK !

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