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Welcome to jnkstone.com. jnksotne.com is wholly owned by JNK STONE , is doing business as Stone Supply (also "jnkstone.com" ). jnkstone.com provides a Web site located on the Internet at http://www.jnksotne.com (the "Site") that allows customers (or "Users") to view and purchase products.4


JNK Upon approval of the people's Republic of China foreign trade and economic cooperation,JNK is a licenced import and export corporation

Our Values

Our values are the foundation of our company. We believe they promote and nurture proper business conduct, and therefore must be an integral part of all who form the company. We believe our values are an essential part of our corporate existence, and therefore must be adhered to in all circumstances. We believe that these core values: integrity, honesty, respect for others, and the desire for continual improvement establish the basis for both personal and corporate success. Together these values constitute the essential character of each employee and permeate all activities of our company. In the process of growing in these values, employees not only improve the company, they expand their own happiness.

Our People
The people who work at JNK want more than just a job - they're building careers. Our employees are a diverse group coming from various industries, but they share several common characteristics: they're bright, energetic, motivated individuals who excel in their fields. we were familiar with 260 kinds of stone materials in granite ,marble,limestone,sandstone,etc. and were very experience in building stone,garden products , Floor pavers,Granite ,Statues and Marble Monuments,ect.the people have wide responsibilities for maintaining professional and ethical standards .

Our Culture
Cooperation and team participation characterize the spirit of JNK. Our culture enables decision-making, expects execution, and supports employees for acting in the best interests of our stakeholders. Our teams thrive on open and honest communication, and flexibility.

Our Challenge
E-business is changing everything. Capitalizing on rapidly growing e-commerce is the opportunity that lies before us. Emerging as the market leader, meeting customer demand for cost-effective delivery of products, and staying ahead of our competitors are just a few of the challenges we face at JNK.

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