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Before you choose your edge, choose the thickness of your tops.The general rule of thumb is to use 30mm thick worktops in kitchens and 20mm in bathrooms. Upstands and splashbacks are usually made from 20mm thick material. It is possible to go for a 20+20mm edge, thereby giving the impression of 40mm thick stone (a narrow piece of 20mm is glued on to the underside of the 20mm slab along the edge). This tends to be more expensive than 30mm due to the work involved. It is also recommended that if you are having 20+20, an MDF sub-base is put in to give extra support to the 20mm slab. We can produce a choice of different edge profiles. Tell us which ones you want where when you send your plan for a quote. Again, the rule of thumb is that upstands and splashbacks only need a Flat Polish. The rest is up to you.
We can produce your worktop / countertop with a choice of different edge profiles.

Edge Profile Trends The standard edge profile that is included in all base pricing is the "Eased Edge". The eased edge profile maximizes the bold appearance and quality of 3cm or 1-1/4" thick material. Supreme Surface offers many additional edge profiles for a nominal charge depending on the shape and finishing time required. A basic list of available edge profiles for 3cm granite countertops are on this page. If you are interested in other options that are not listed please feel free to contact us.

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