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Granite, marbles are the natural stone which are formed under the earth at the compression of heat and fusion. It is an igneous and metamorphic rock which is resistant to extreme temperature, stress and heat. It is easy to wash and clean the dirt, stains and spills using the strong cleaning agent. Granite is the ideal material for countertop, because of its hardest and durable substance. It is a stylish material which combines its natural beauty along with durability. It is subject to heat, water, moisture and stain resistant and also for abrasive material. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor decorations.
Granite is a very competitive priced material and estimation for the countertop is all needed. The quarter inch is beveled and round edges are to be considered standard and stronger. The prices of the granite will be increasing with the labor intensive edges such as bull nose or ogee.

Granite Worktops Supplier

Granite was traditionally considered a luxury material and was priced accordingly. For this reason, many consumers have been put off by the perceived high cost of granite. Today, granite is still not cheap but it retains its luxury look but it is no longer a luxury item. Many companies now supply granite at very affordable prices. In fact, often granite costs less than solid, synthetic alternatives and is about half the price of stainless steel.

One of the reasons for this increase in accessibility of granite to homeowners is the advances in technology used to quarry the stone. Granite excavation once required drilling, pounding, sawing, and blasting. Today, diamond wire saws allow quarry workers to produce blocks of granite faster and in a significantly less labor-intensive, more economical excavation processes providing greater availability and lower prices for the consumer.

Available Edges Details

London Granite offers a wide array of edges, and we are able to produce any custom edge needed. Edge details marked as standard are included in all initial estimate prices.

 Granite Kitchen Worktops London Granite - Standard Edges   Granite Kitchen Worktops London Granite - Premium Edges   Granite Kitchen Worktops London Granite - Laminated Edges
Standard Edges                                                           Premium Edges                                                        Laminated Edges 

Surface finishes
Finishes Granite surfaces may be finished in a number of ways. In general, smooth finishes tend to emphasize colour and veining, whereas rough finishes tend to subdue the veining or markings. Typical finishes include:

  • Polished - a glossy surface that brings out the whole beauty and character of granite
  • Honed - a velvet smooth surface with very little or no gloss
  • Matte - a satin smooth surface with no gloss
  • Sawn - a reasonably rough surface
  • Flamed - an open flame treated surface, very rough and non slippery
  • Sandblasted - a mechanically treated surface very irregular
  • Antique - surface that has this ’extraordinary luxurious old times look’
  • Rubbed - flat and smooth surface with occasional light trails and/or scratches, non-reflective
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