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JNK STONE chooses famous and precious natural marbles as a raw material , choosing the stones whose veins and designs are outstanding for processing and manufacturing , and adds innovative design ideas, producing many styles of ecological marbles with natural veins and brilliant colors. Compared with pure natural stone, jthey are more beautiful in color and higher in glossiness and better external texture than natural stones.
Originating from the natural and surmounting the natural , annotate extraordinary visual enjoyment with real stone
The artificial marble of JNK STONE passes meticulous polishing treatment so tat its color is more beautiful and its glossiness in higher , greatly superiou to the dull color and luster of simple natural stone .
our artificial marble passee hardening technical treatment so that its quality is harder and more wear-ressisting , and its compressive performance is higher , more applicalde to many kinds of places.

JNK1105 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK1000 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK1025 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK1200 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK1008 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK0180 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK0198 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK0098 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK0120 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK0110 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK0226 Artifical Marble Slab

JNK0100 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK0210 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK0200 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK0220 Artificial Marble Slab

JNK0280 Artificial Marble Slab

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