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Jadeite is the one of rare kind in jade , so it is praised as "king in the jade" , stand side by side one of the seven top- grade precious stones of the world . JNK Gems is a professional supplier of high-quality gemstones in China
Note: Due to the characteristics of natural materials and your computer screen, the item color above or the picture might not be exactly the same as you see on your screen. All sale prices are while quantities last. 

JNK6975 Agate Slab

JNK6973 Agate Slab

JNK6971 Agate Slab

JNK6969 Agate Slab

JNK6965 Agate Slab

JNK6957 Agate Slab

JNK6955 Agate Slab

JNK6952 Agate Slab

JNK6950 Agate Slab

JNK6948 Agate Slab

JNK6946 Agate Slabs

JNK6944 Agate Slab

JNK6942 Agate Slab

JNK6940 Agate Slab

JNK6938 Agate Slab

JNK6936 Agate Slab

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