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Name:Spiral Step Dish Gurgler



Spiral Step Dish Gurgler
Size: 49¼", 29½, 39" H 
Weight: Click image for details! 
Product Code: G-33240-* 

Finish: West Coast Grey Granite

 G-33240-75-WCG  DIA: ~" (~ cm), H: 29½" (75 cm)  280 lbs (127 kg)
 G-33240-100-WCG  DIA: ~" (~ cm), H: 39½" (100 cm)  345 lbs (156 kg)
 G-33240-125-WCG  DIA: ~" (~ cm), H: 49½" (126 cm)  470 lbs (213 kg)

Note: All colour, weights and dimensions are approximate.


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