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Name:Natural Granite Sink with Six Pedals



GDS-24A Natural Granite Sink with Six Pedals
~16" diameter and 5" high
Brand New Design. This natural granite stone sink is 15mm thick made of one piece 100% natural stone. Brand new high-class idea. It is extremely smooth inside and outside. Extremely high end product. This natural stone sink will enhance any bathroom.
* Available in absolute black
* 15mm thick natural stone from the rim to the center for style and higher impact resistance.
* Natural stone can resist the highest temperature.
* Oversized durable stone bowl for luxury. Wider, deeper and thicker than most of the stone bowls available in the market.
* Laser guided check for the accuracy of the vessel drain hole drilling to prevent leaking problem.
One year warranty against the manufacture defects.

Included: Faucet and pop-up drain are not included.


Available materials
Available Surface finish

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